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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Abington Property Market

The subject of Abington and its popularity was brought up in conversation by a couple of solicitors I met at a recent networking event in Northampton. 

Since the 1st of September, 1,473 properties have been put on to the market in Northampton (excluding Abington). Of those 1,473 properties, 887 have found buyers – so just over three in five houses are sold subject to contract -  an impressive 60.2%. Yes, very impressive, until you look at Abington. Of the 287 properties that have come on to the market since the 1st September, 179 of those 287 have found a buyer – meaning nearly two in three sellers have sold subject to contract. That means the Abington property market has performed nearly a third better than Northampton, as 10.3% proportionally more sellers have sold than the rest of Northampton!

Looking at the numbers in greater detail still, most of the property sales in Abington over the past 12 months were terraced properties which on average sold for £179,432. Abington semi detached properties had an average sold price of £215,074 and flats averaged at £117,839.

Abington, with an overall average value of £193,000, was similar in terms of sold prices to the  Northampton overall average of £195,300, but was more expensive than Kingsthorpe (£172,200) and cheaper than Hardingstone (£250,800).

Interestingly, have you noticed there are fewer for sale boards around Abington? Well 571 properties have changed hands (ie sold subject to contract) in Abington over the last 12 months, but in 2014, the number was much higher at 733 properties.

Talking of house prices to another Abington homeowner, I was able to tell them that in the past year house prices in Abington were 3% up on the year before and 13% up on the 2007 prices when they averaged at £170,882.

If you want to pick my brain on any aspect of the Abington property market, feel free to send me an email or pick up the phone. I am more than happy to give you an idea of the current value of your Abington property be it for sale or rent, in today’s market, either over the phone or in person, at no charge or obligation to you as the property owner.

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